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About the Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre
Our Name

Santa Teresa

The name Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre was chosen because:

  • Saint Therese of Lisieux (1873-97) was a Carmelite sister whose life was marked by obedience to God in the simple things of life. The new Archdiocesan Spirituality Centre is built on land previously owned by the Carmelite sisters, who live nearby.
  • Santa Teresa is the name of an indigenous parish outside Alice Springs known for the excellence of its art. This connection with indigenous people is entirely appropriate because the first Catholic mission in Queensland was established on nearby Stradbroke Island by Archbishop Polding of Sydney in 1843.
  • Santa Teresa (the Italian version of St Therese) was promoted as the youngest Doctor of the Church by Pope John Paul II in 1997 as the ‘Doctor of Love’.

It is entirely appropriate for the Centre to carry a woman’s name, in this case, a famous Carmelite saint, because of its connection to the Carmelite monastery next door, where the relics of St Therese were venerated in 2002.

Santa Teresa is a model of holiness for young people. She is....  

a woman who has achieved holiness already in her young age (she died at age 24). She can illumine the path of youth today, called to bear the Gospel witness to the new generations.
(Pope John Paul II in his 1997 Apostolic Letter ‘Divini Amoris Scientia’)

We pray that our Archdiocesan Spirituality Centre will be a great source of blessings for all who come and stay there and that these graces will overflow across into our life and mission.


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