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Facilities of the Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre

Santa Teresa provides:

  • en-suite rooms for 30 people (19 rooms with double bed accommodation)
  • a main chapel with a multi-purpose function accommodating either 50 people seated for the Eucharist or 30 people seated around tables or in a free form setup for spiritual formation
  • a smaller Blessed Sacrament chapel creating a space for up to 15 people to pray in silence
  • a kitchenette facility and outdoor space for light meals and refreshments
  • 2 other meeting spaces in the main building allowing - groups of 12 and 30 people respectively to use the facilities concurrently
  • a dining room catering for 30 people seated at tables
  • catering by Mary-Clair’s Gourmet Delicacies and Catering
  • a verandah area for retreatants’ use
  • beautiful grounds overlooking Moreton Bay
  • an outdoor labyrinth for prayer

Facilities - Map
Map of Santa Teresa - click to view PDF map

Facilities Overview 2
View of Centre from the Bay

Facilities Overview 3
St Benedict wing from chapel

Facilities Overview 4
Bedroom Carmel wing ensuite

Facilities Overview 5
Santa Teresa chapel views from inside

Facilities Overview 6
View from Moongalba

Facilities Overview 7
Blessed Sacrament chapel exterior from bay

Facilities Overview 8
Santa Teresa chapel exterior from bay

Santa Teresa Labyrinth


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